FFFC#137- Destruction

Nature is not separate from us. Loosing connection with nature, we are losing ourselves.

In terms of developing economy, we forgot the other side of the coin called environment.

Dear son,

Our generation have done enough harm to the environment. Forgetting it’s impact on you and upcoming generation.

I want you to fall in love with nature.

Let’s flourish the forests again and paint them with its natural color. I don’t force you to show the act of kindness. As you have grown up watching our acts.

Rather, I wish our acts encourage you to love your Mother Earth. Where Mother Earth have a lot to teach.

Roots of the trees grounded deep within the earth, will teach you stay grounded. No matter how high you go, must always stay grounded and never forgot who bought you at this stage of life.

Let’s join our hands and nourish our nature and bring our healthy life back.

#FFFC 137

22 thoughts on “FFFC#137- Destruction

  1. “ Be kind to yourself, humble, peaceful and patient. “

    There is a truth in this and by being kind to ourselves we are more able to be kind to others. After all, there is great blessing in helping and sharing with our fellow wanderers


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  2. I agree, nature has always played a huge role in my life – whether it be about learning, exploring and respecting. It is the one thing that I can count on that gives me comfort and nourishment.

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    1. Thank you Kamal . Global warming and undesirable change in nature’s behaviour need to be understood by us. We have taken and destroyed a lot rather than given back good things to our Mother Earth. Rather we have given only things that are hampering environment like garbage, pollution etc.


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