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You are my sunshine

I cherish the bond, love and strength we share.

Mother you are my mirror, where I look into myself.

We cling into each other during the time of despair.

Laugh together, share the highs and lows together.

Comfort I find in you while talking. Oh mother your presence illuminates the surroundings.

Providing support to each other. Understanding the tiniest issue without saying. Our expressions and mood speak for each other.

I grew up holding your hand. Your heart always walked with me. Giving me the confidence for the survival.

Remembering back the old days, gives me goosebumps.

How you had gone through tough times but never complained. I wish and pray the happiness for you.

We are the precious gift for each other one can ever have.

Life long relationship to be cherish.

My heart have a special room for the family who I adore the most.



#keep it alive

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