Daily challenge


Violence is not only the reason for Terror.

Hate, greed to have supreme hold over the world is the root cause of Terror.

Hunger of negative thoughts have blurred the truth deep down somewhere.

The actions of beliefs and humanity have been overpowered by misbeliefs.

In the name of faith, preachings of goodness is misinterpreted.

Remember even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and right.

22 thoughts on “Terror

  1. Hatred and love.. if a person doesn’t understands the language of love, hatred,violence takes place.. but on the other side if people start to understand love which is a very pure feeling, no other feelings will take such place..😊

    Very beautifully said.. ✌️

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  2. It is just because people love to hear the lies, they always want to hear what they want.. if someone speaks the truth (weather politically, publically, or personally) feeling of hatred takes place, relation becomes sour.. mirror always speak the truth..

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