Memories sweet and sour


Sudden declaration of lockdown bought fear into the lives of daily wage earners.

At one moment country had to fight with pandemic and on other hand had to settle people.

Where we all were locked into our houses.

Initial days didn’t seemed like house arrest to many.

As it bought families together.

Spending quality time, exploring hobbies and revival of old games and TV programs.

At the same moment prayed for survival and wishing for better tomorrow.

While discussing with family over pandemic,

How things must be for families who face regular domestic violence , child abuse and so on.

These thoughts gave me goosebumps.

With time things got saturated. All wanted to be back on streets with normal life and work for livelihood.

In mean time my mother says lockdown didn’t bored me, like it have to many.

I used to go out less even before. Spending maximum time for family and business work.

Almost the responsibilities are same for me even during the lockdown.

These two lines of her made me emotional.

Couldn’t reply her back but once again felt her unconditional love for family.

No complains, no demand. I wish one day I am able to thank her with huge gratitude, including my father as we are incomplete without our parents.

Also, pray for the revival of people from this pandemic.

17 thoughts on “Lockdown

  1. You gave wonderful words exactly to all that crossed my mind at the beginning of pandemic. I felt very concerned who were trapped with being abused. I feel so wonderful reading your gratitude for your mother, what a gift to recognize the unconditional love and also to have it. Indeed nothing changed for some noble souls who kept doing their job tirelessly.

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