Beliefs and perception


People coming from older generation can explain us the changes in life that have taken place in these past couple of decades. Change in communication, technology, infrastructure, along with the pattern of lives we are living.

When I look back and compare the changes, life have been simplified with lots of transformation which are beyond imagination. Like:

  • Development of technology- TV, telephones, household and factory machines and the list goes on.

With these changes, I feel  people have lost the value of life. When compared the life of our grandparents with our parents, us and today’s generation, there are series of improvement in lifestyle. Where every generation have faced difficulties of their time.

But there was peace, sense of satisfaction in the life of older people. There was high work load both at work place and at home due to the lack of efficient infrastructure and technology. Yet family gave sufficient time to their children and there was sense of being together with family and friends. Not like today where life is sorted with development but have led to:

  • Increase in hypertension
  • Increase in depression and illness issues.
  • Unhealthy life.
  • Unhealthy comparing life with others.

Life have become a race for the people in today’s time, where each wants to move ahead, no matter what cost they have to pay.

Hence, in order to have a beautiful life in true sense and wish to reap the benefits of the development we need to fill the gap between the generations. Understand each other and collectively grow with what each have stored for you. At the end older generation have a lot to teach us:

  • Courage to face the adverse circumstances: Time cannot stop neither it’s same. You cannot be happy all the time and how can we value happiness until we taste the sourness of life.
  • Patience: Reaching your goal with patience and perseverance will teach you the difference between right and wrong.
  • Family time and values beyond technology: Remember where you are today is because of your family and elders. Don’t forget to value the time of being togetherness or else one day you will be standing alone in the middle of nowhere.
  • Grow with self-satisfaction and not with greed.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Those that mind doesn’t matter: At some point we all have to face criticism, but don’t let the criticism affect you. What matters the most is whose opinion matters the most and whose opinion you have to ignore. There will be disagreements and clashes but don’t keep the grudges.
  • Love is all you need: We all need love at every point of life, especially our elders, as they have been to more rough times which are beyond our imagination.

Remember don’t let your life fall into a trap that you forget to live for what’s important. Don’t forget to breathe. In your course of life, stop and live every moment and don’t leave it for later. Because that later will never come.


30 thoughts on “Life!!

  1. Technology has advanced so much and there’s no much information available. Though technology advancements have improved our lives, there are a lot of other issues. Those are great lessons that we have to incorporate so that we don’t lose our minds in this cutthroat world

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    1. Thank you Kamal . Yes things have improved for better living but we have created distances in relationships and lack of understanding due to involvement of development beyond boundaries.

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  2. So True. I love the efficiencies gained by modern technologies, but we really aren’t utilizing that free time to be with family in a good whole way. We keep moving forward to some crazy goal and loosing our self in something, and stop being human. Great Post Tanvir.

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  3. There is so much wisdom in the old ways. And there is too much knowledge in the New way. There is misuse of resources and abuse of abundance. There is so much value and richness in simplicity that is available to us in today’s world too. Your post is so relevant.

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  4. With technological advancement, we are almost on the verge of loosing touch with mother nature. Discrepancies in human lives usually occur due to the rat race that the world has got into. The love, affection, sympathy and the mindset to help each other is vanishing with each passing day. I really don’t know where the end of this will be leading us. We really need to stop modifying ourselves!!


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