Another day is over.

My heart still haunts with the pandemic situation around me.

Every day I wake up,

I pray today the curtain of darkness is raised, wishing never to fold it again.

Past few months have been tough.

I am still haunted with the events that have taken place in these few months.

Pray for strength and positivity for all who have gone through tough times.

Families have lost their loved ones, struggles for appropriate medical aid.

Ignorance of people’s behaviour

Pray to give strength and wisdom to all.

I trust you God for the life you have designed for me.

Guide me to take the right decision in this difficult time. Provide me with mental peace.

God is like a breath to us. Your blessings and remembrance in prayer is all we need.

36 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Amen!
    Pandemic has not left any household untouched. People have lost lives or livelihood.
    God only has the answers. Hopefully all prayers for betterment will be answered soonest.
    Stay blessed.

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