New Year 2021

2020 have been a rough one for all of us. Wishing 2021 brings new hope and ray of light and positivity. Though my wishes are late, yet I wish all my readers a very

Happy New Year.

All must have made few resolutions for the upcoming year.

Those who still have to decide the resolution,

Make sure you sow a seed of determination,

Give at least 5 minutes to your resolution every day,

Make your determination strong enough, so that you are able to fulfill the commitment made to yourself.

This will help us to become a better person as each day passes.

Repeating the thoughts every day and giving time to the resolution made will help to visualize things on fulfilling the resolutions.

Hence, would learn the value of promise and feeling of fulling the promise made to self.

Do add in the list of your resolution ”Me time” and ”meditation”

Everyday give yourself at least 15-30 minutes of quality time to yourself.

As by the end of the day it’s ‘ME’who is responsible for creating my

  • health
  • happiness
  • achievements
  • relationships.

Meditation is needed to energize and cleansing of soul like we clean our body and house, wash our hands and clean our mind.

Hope 2021 is resetting of your priorities, making SELF CARE a priority on top.

Wishing all a Happy and a New Life.


P.S : Please do share your resolutions, as your thoughts and determination might inspire many.

31 thoughts on “New Year 2021

  1. Excellent post of positivity and pointers for living a life of love and happiness in the New Year 2021, Tanvir. My resolution would be to be more focused on being here and now and having an optimistic attitude towards life though of course with whatever has happened and maybe what can happen in this world of uncertainties but to take the hand of God and move forward with his grace and mercy.

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  2. Well articulated pointers to move towards a happy year ahead.
    Positive affirmations and not to worry about problems beyond my control.
    To invest time in reading and exercise are my priorities for the year. Wishing you a happy 2021 Tanvir.

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  3. Happy New Year! Great positive pointers. But I feel setting reminders is better than making resolutions. Setting small goals the whole year can makes us achieve that big goal faster and effortlessly. Thanks for sharing a positive and inspiring post. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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  4. I have been flirting with the idea of meditation for a while now. I read about it everywhere and want to do it, but at the same time weary of trends. It’s a real thing and not just trendy, right?
    A Happy New Year to you.

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