Daily challenge


I find everyone’s life is crazy.

As I see monster in you and inside me too.

He is trying to rob the mind of every person, he is residing in.

Controlling thoughts and overpowering the mind.

As monster within us knows, how weak human thoughts are.

Thoughts which can be easily manipulated.

I take up the challenge to defeat the monster within me.

He doesn’t own me. I am the self-controller of my mind.

I will not let the monster play dirty games and destroy me.

As there is a monster inside me but he does not own me.

 I have the capacity to fight and own him.


Monster – Word of the day Challenge

35 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Like the moon, we all have a dark side, Tanvir. For me, this is the monster within. The monster who pulls me down, makes me feel inadequate and unable to cope with trying situations. I will sit down and cry for hours with my monster until finally, I will wipe my salt tears , fight him (he is a male), and put me ko. On the whole, yours is a beautiful read. Well done.

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