Beliefs and perception


I feel pity on people who are living in a delusion,

About a beautiful world, free from impurities.

In reality faces are covered with mask,

Living a life of hypocrisy.

Well establish society criticize the work of prostitutes,

But enjoy to visit their place for pomp and show,

Considering this as the part of their high-profile life style.

You wish to bring a change in the society,

Revolution in the thoughts and behavior of the people.

But when it comes for action, you fall fast asleep and hide yourself beneath the pillow.

You are in a love with different seasons,

Then what happens, that each season gives you a reason to criticize.

You wish to help the needy ones,

When the poor person knocks your door,

You mistreat them with your behavior.

You fight for hope, light, truth and love.

As there is no wall between you and me.

But when you speak of truth and light,

Your act is black and words are white.


32 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. excellent writing, you’ve called it as it is … resonates with me!

    Was also thinking about what I call “the black and white people” … those who would do anything for those close and completely ignore the rest of the world. It’s as if they have separated themselves and just refuse to help others … yet we are all interdependent πŸ™‚

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