Hard to say goodbye

Tomorrow many will have to start a day without you.

Your voice and presence will be missed.

Eyes are filled with tears.

Sir you had a special place and meaning in the lives of many people.

You were not just a wonderful teacher but also a wonderful person and a mentor for many.

Authoritative voice and impressive expressions in your teaching method.

Journey from subject teacher to class teacher and raised your caliber as a Principal.

You made your profession proud. I was fortunate enough to be your student.

Recalling the time of how you taught us The Merchant of Venice, Old Man and The Sea, The Tempest and Great Expectations.

Wonderful way of making short stories, poems and grammer interesting.

All these memories are still so fresh. It seems yesterday as if we were in school.

It’s hard to say good bye.

You may not be physically present with us but you reside in our hearts.

As a tribute we will remember you not with sadness and tears,

We will remember you with laughter and happiness shared with you.

Making sure we are able to make life worth and make you feel proud.

Falling short of words, to express what to mean to us.

Love and tribute to a wonderful person and teacher. We will miss you from the bottom of our heart.


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