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Child development

Raising children with a thought that when parents get old, they can redeem their children from their savings, who would look after them in their old age. Upbringing your children as an asset, “How far is it correct”?

Forgetting the fact that children come through you and not from you. Upbringing children as your future investment will only lead to certain consequences with heavy price to be paid.

Is it correct to up bring your child in such a manner that he always remains dependent on you, in some way or the other?

We often learn and teach to our loved ones that don’t be attached with surroundings, as it only creates pain in your life. Then “Why you want your children to be attached with you”?

When you are planning to have a child or already have make sure:

  • To have a better world, liberate your child from the prison of expectations and future investments.
  • Your effort as parents should be improvising your child one step better than you.
  • Be straight in dealings with your children. Even if it puts you in an awkward situation.
  • Dealing with your children comes in different stages. Till the age of 12 teach them values, watch and correct adequately where they make mistakes and move patiently with them so that they can grow. As they enter the teen age, become their friend and walk with them along to make them balance with their thoughts. With time techniques of upbringing child changes. What makes a difference is how well have you prepared yourself as a parent.

It’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with your children. Make sure you make a balance relationship as a friend and as a parent with your child, rather than just acting like boss with them. As you think they are the only ones who can tolerate your bossy act. But forgetting you are drifting your child away like this.

You as a person too is not perfect. When you start treating your children as a person and not as your child, they will start respecting you. Children will understand you, as you have treated them as friend, listened them and agreed to trust their decisions. Surely, they are going to listen to your advice as you have changed the method of expression. Before raising your child, raise yourself as a person, it will reflect on your behavior. As children learn lots of things through observation. Hence, this observation makes a huge difference in the growth of a child. Now as a parent it depends upon you, how you impart it.

Though there is no guarantee how things turn, as life too gives you no guarantee.

P.S: Share your views too.

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38 thoughts on “Child development

  1. pratyek baaton par bachchon ko datnaa , salaah denaa uchit nahi……wey hamesha padhte rahte hain kitaabon ke saath saath…….khubsurat post.

    Pratyek kadam par samhaalne ko khadaa kyun,
    kabhi unhen bhi gir kar samhalne do,
    har baaton par salaah kaisa,
    kabhi khud se salaah karne do,
    kurukshetra ka gyaan yuddh ke maidaan main hi sambhav,
    usey bhi kabhi chakravyuh main padne do.

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  2. Profound and you have said it truthfully, Tanvir. We have brought children in this world not that they will take care of us when we become old but to teach them proper values of life and as you rightly said no one is perfect so why expect them to be too. Instead they must be good citizens and be loving and kind to each and everyone.

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  3. We should not be attached to anything, independent and interdependent and the strenght to be alone. Expectations leads to disappointed, it may not be deliberate, it may just be life. Our india culture decades ago could hold this expectation and it would have been upheld. But not in today’s world. I find it bitter sweet, because I think it is an honour, and sheer love to give parents support in old age. Mind you there are other cultures that are similar to our india culture. But in the uk, the parent are like when are the kids going to leave.

    A very profound post, so much to think about.

    I get all perspective and respect all.

    But I with pride will be there for my mum.. as best as I can be..

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Yeah.true.all wealth should be reserved in bank and property is name of owener for oldaged,my dear.i think so.because many youths want freedom for responsibilities and enjoy their own lives.

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