Maintaining a beautiful relationship requires patience and perseverance.

When you love someone you are ready to fight for the person,

Ready to compromise and sacrifice yourself.

You had enough reasons to believe to stand through your relationship in the worst times.

But one day an incident changes the whole meaning of maintaining a relationship.

More than the incident, what hurts more is,

Nobody cares what you are feeling.

No one wants to understand or listen with what pain you are going through.

Life seems to be unfair.

What you did for the loved ones, seems to vanish.

After breaking up, what was left inside me was not sufficient to live.

Fragment of sunlight filled with dew drops.

We were supposed to be knotted in a relationship but before we could build it strong enough, it was already over.

What hurts me more is

The relation was like a text written with chalk in the blackboard, that was easily washed off with rain.

Are shattered dreams and false promises worth living for.

Now when I have made up my mind to chase my heart and live what I dreamt once.

I  face more difficulties but I will be able to stand up again on my feet.

As all I wanted in life was self-respect and happiness.

After breaking up, what was left inside me was not sufficient to live.

Fragment of sunlight filled with dew drops.


P.S : This poem explains how one feels when a relationship is ruined because of lack of understanding. Idle couple is that which understands and appreciates the existence of each other in their lives. Unfortunately, many partners fail to recognise the feelings of the better half. Inappropriate words used at undesirable places leaves a wrong and heavy impact, hence leading to the consequences.

31 thoughts on “Unfair

  1. Well expressed poem, Tanvir and that happens when the other person in a relationship does not understand the other half and then there are these fights and life becomes very unfair. A loving couple will always understand and compromise with each other and make their love grow stronger. Lovely post.

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      1. Yes there was though not much destruction because it moved to the interiors and there trees got uprooted though it rained from two days but not that we need to have been scared. Luckily Mumbai is free of cyclones they pass over. What about you, Tanvir hope all good at your side. Take care and stay safe dear.

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