Midst of thoughts

Sometimes you feel connected with an unknown person.

Being precious to eyes.

Beautiful nights of stars shared.

Eyes filled with emotions, as I don’t want the dream to come to an end.

Glad to have someone who was far away from the reality.

You were enjoying life-like a kid.

Eyes filled with brightness, when I am taking care of you as a child.

 Things were going fine, till the day you were back with your memories.

I try to stop you, situation making me mad as life without you will be impossible.

But the damage have been made. You refuse to recognise me.

Leaving me in the middle of no where.

It was more than a treasure to have a life with you.

With memories back, your life is back to normal.

But what will I do now.

Eyes filled with tears, as the dream comes to an end.

You fail to recognise me, who once stood beside you at the time of need.


P.s : Heartbreaking poem of a man who falls in love with a girl who looses her memory in an accident. He unconditionally takes care of the girl. Later when the life of a girl is back to normal, she fails to recognise the person who once took care of her. 

34 thoughts on “Midst of thoughts

  1. Reminded me of the Kamal Hasan movie, Sadma. Very well written ! loved the words used for expression. I am typing this in a poetic mood too … so here are a few lines from me!

    I gave you life with wings to fly
    dont you remember ?
    You gave me hope and gave me a dream
    dont you remember?
    Every day was tough and we sailed through
    dont you remember?
    To make you sleep i sang a lullaby
    dont you remember?
    We vowed to be together through life
    dont you remember?
    The blank look on your face, leaves me with just this thought
    why……..dont you remember !!!!

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    1. Beautiful lines written by you. Heartfelt lines composed. Well said . Other day I was listening to this movie song and it took me to my childhood memories when I watched the movie. Emotions are still so strong that I could feel the pain that lead me to pen the thoughts.

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      1. I changed the name of the blogs few days back as there comes few errora while opening it, I think need to follow back again to all.
        Please visit & let me know if it is opening or not

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