Happy Mother’s Day

Mother is an angel for her child.

A friend who is always dearer to me.

You are a sunshine who lights my day.

Nothing is more precious to me, than to see you smile and wish for a healthy life.

Hug from you is the best secured place in this world.

The values taught by you,

Unconditional love given to us, is the best blessings one can wish for.

Your presence in our lives means everything to us.

I am always incomplete without you.

Your arms are always open for your children.

Even in pain you smile.

Wish you Happy Mother’s Day.

From loving daughter who owes everything to you mum..

No one knows how much I love you and miss you. You are my soul and heart.

A reason why I am breathing.

Wish happiness and health for you.

29 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Tanvir is that you and your mother in the beautiful picture. What a blissful and true poem for a Mother and today every child is breathing is because of her Mother. Beauty in your words dear and felt so nice reading on a Mother.

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  2. Bahut hi kbubsurat prastuti…apne sahi kaha…Mother is an angel for her child…….hum befikra uske.god me so jaate hain…..uska jiwan me hona hi bahut hai…..aur.nahi honaa sabkuchh hokar bhi kuchh nahi.

    ek beti jab naihar aati hai aur maa nahi to uskaa kuchh bhi nahi aisaa usey abhaas hotaa hai…..

    ek putr jab kahi se aata hai to Maa daud padti hai uske manpasand.khana khilane ke liye. uske vagair ghar kaisaa hogaa sochkar hi jiwan besaharaa lagne lagta hai….. bahut khubsurat likha hai apne dil se.

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