Daily challenge


A path that removes darkness and brightness your future with knowledge.

Take education as a gift and not as burden.

Ask those who are deprived from it because of the circumstances.

For those who can’t knock the doors of school,

Look beyond it’s doors.

As the world is your biggest teacher.

Education grows with your willingness to learn,

The world have a lot in store to bestow upon you.

It’s just you have to look around and find the correct basket.


#FOWC with Fandango – Education

40 thoughts on “Education

  1. Education is a total must and people who are not being educated they must be feeling so frustrated. So rightly said, Tanvir, Our World is Our Greatest Teachers. Knowledge given in its true form is real education. Great post.

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  2. Hum jinda hain magar kisi murdey se kam nahi agar shikshit nahi.
    education sir kamane kaa jariya bante jaa raha hai….aur log paisa chhapnewe machin.
    naitikta to jaise lupt hote jaa rahi hai..

    jabtak shiksha me naitikta kaa gyan nahi diya jayega aur apne itihas ko sahi dhang se nahi padhaya jayega tabtak shiksha kaa kya matlab.


  3. But it’s also a matter of the quality of education. I have always said, if done right, everything taught up through graduation can be taught in the first 6 years, with far more effectiveness than we’re seeing today. And everything in middle/high school should be preparation for the working world, many electives that young people love and look forward to. All the best.

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