There had to be a strong thunder

For the deeds done by humans.

The entire world is fighting for survival.

Both in terms of security and economically.

This thunder surely was a reminder

To be careful and improve.

Because the next knock will not give you an opportunity to think .

Before it’s too late,

Stand and revive back.

PICTURE PROMPT BY :-  Sadje – keep it alive


53 thoughts on “Thunder

    1. But it’s a saying “ every cloud have a sliver lining”. Understanding your point and have deep concern for the thoughts shared by you as things have a certainly getting worse but still we have a hope for better. Hope makes us let going .


      1. Agree. Hope is the best thing in the world. But I just vented out my frustration by observing the past experience. Whole India is glorifying how much the weather has improved due to the lockdown, but I am worried about what will happen once it will be eased! Anyway you had a good content!

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      2. Agree.. that fear we all have. It have definitely effected the earning and family life of the whole world. Only those are secure you have sufficient savings. Being on the other end have fear how long it will take to stabilise and meeting families.
        Thank you Abhay..


      1. Who knows Tanvir what have we learnt from this I don’t think so anything except that so much of nature we have destroyed, so many of our brothers and sisters we have massacred for selfishness. I think we have to leave all this to GOD who knows what he is doing. Welcome dear. Tanvir on your last post of the beautiful hearts I had commented but u did not receive my comments. Kindly see whether it is there in your post.

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  1. Khubsurat post…..sanyam hi ekmatra vikalp hai….warna andhi udaa le jayegi…..magar sabke liye sanyam bhi aasaan nahi.

    कुसूर किसी और का,जुल्म कोई और सहे,
    ऋण किसी और का,भुगतान कोई और करे,
    बहुत खेल हुआ प्रकृति से,भूल गए थे
    खेल प्रकृति भी दिखाती है,
    हम क्या सजायेंगे उसको,वो स्वयं ही सज जाती है।
    चहुँओर दहशत,भय व्याप्त शहर,शहर,
    घरों में कैद हम,मौत घूम रही डगर,डगर,
    लड़ लेंगे कोरोना से मगर,भूख को कैसे भगाएँ,
    समझ में नही आता,
    क्या खाएं क्या पीए,कहाँ से सामान लाएं।

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