Daily challenge


Time is too precious to waste.

No moment is precious than the moment you are living.

Don’t spoil your time with the wishes which you don’t have.

Remember what you have now was once you wished for.

Rejoice the moment before it’s missed.

Often we wait for the right time to fulfil our desires.

But there is no right time.

Whatever you wish to do, do it right now

Time will not stop for anyone.

There’s always a new beginning ,

And that beginning is now.

Word of the day challenge – NOW

37 thoughts on “Now

  1. Quite optimistic ๐Ÿ‘..
    U have said that “remember what u have now was once you wished for.”
    But i want to ask that if m’ in my bad times then also this lines goes fit??
    Please help understanding me this situation. how can b someone so optimistic by saying that what i have now is okay n fine??

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    1. We all have times we have never thought of too. Thatโ€™s what life is unpredictable but that doesnโ€™t mean we lose hope.. the time faced will not change but definitely a good thought can give a hope to fight. Often to seek answers itโ€™s nice to see those people who are in worse conditions. Your situation many be fine for them.

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