Thoughts (TTC#180)

Being in the mindset of thoughts,

Whether you should share your feelings with your friends or not,

As you are afraid that they might get tired to hear you and even get bore with your presence,

Because with time relations have changed,

No one have  interest to hold anyone’s hand during the time of need.

Hence, you decide to write down the feelings.

When you expressed your thoughts through your writings, it not only unburdened your mind but also lightened your heart.

You were able to breathe.

You wanted to celebrate this moment as a special occasion,

As it made you realise that this moment have taught you to find someone within you,

To whom you can speak and express.



30 thoughts on “Thoughts (TTC#180)

  1. Profound thoughts and yes never lose Hope you never know what tomorrow will bring in its wake. One needs to write down ones thoughts as after years there is no one listening to you except yourself. So be friends with yourself first, Tanvir. Great post.

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