Parenting Tips- Pampering

Every parent loves their children but in course of bestowing love to their children they forget to distinguish the word pamper with love.

While pampering (in the name of love ) your child, you forgot that you are making your child weak and handicap, as children tend to believe that all their work is going to be done by others.

While upbringing your children it’s very important to draw a line on the amount of love given to your children.

Now days parents have made the life of children so easy and comfortable that they fail to adjust themselves in tougher conditions, as they get all the luxurious things easily.

When children face the tough situations in society they tend to react negativity with the society as they believe that the whole world is supposed to say yes, as they are not habitual of hearing no. And therefore an unhealthy atmosphere is created by children.

Have parents ever thought how harmful pampering can be. While loving your children you have forgotten to taught them the value of things in life. Hence, they themselves are responsible for spoiling their children.

On asking parents, why have they made the life of their children so easy, here are the few reasons that came in front:

  1. Parents tend to provide things in life which they have missed in their childhood.
  2. Often parents don’t won’t their children to face difficult times, what they have faced when they were young.
  3. People are so much occupied in today’s lifestyle that they have forgotten the importance of giving time to their family , hence being occupied in busy life parents tend to shower the luxurious life easily.
  4. At times parents simply say if we have the amenities to provide than what’s the harm in giving it to them.

Reading above points I don’t agree with any of the them. Give a thought to the following points :

  • As a parent have you ever given a thought that when your child grows up will he/she be able to handle the privileges given by you.
  • How well competent you are making your child, in the name of love showered by you. Haven’t you darkened the future of your child.
  • Today what you are  it’s just because your parents have made you value things in life. Than why now you as a parent are doing injustice with your child just in the name of love.
  • You as a parent haven’t made the balance between the responsibility and privileges in the house and when your child grows, you just expect them to be independent, understand and value things of life. Where for them life becomes a Jurassic park, finding themselves alone and new to the whole world as you have always protected them from the reality of life.

Make sure you give  responsibilities to your children from very early age and make sure the privileges given to them are conditional. Give them the taste of bitter life from the beginning so that they are able to understand that getting things in life is not easy, they have earn it.

Also when you are providing joy to your children make sure you teach them to be grateful for what they are receiving. Otherwise your child will become selfish.

Let your children experience things in life. Listen to what they say and also let them find solutions for the things they face in life. As if today you given them shelter and don’t let them do it on their own, than later on they will never be able to rescue themselves from the problems in life, remember every time you may not be there to sort things for them.

Most important of all don’t be afraid of your children anger and tantrums. Learn how to control the negative behaviour of your child. If you really want to love your child , love by giving time to them and make beautiful memories with them and not just by buying the joy with the things needed by your children. Pamper with your time, love and care and not by spoiling them.


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31 thoughts on “Parenting Tips- Pampering

  1. My friend was telling me about her niece and nephews, ages 5-7, and all of them have an Alexa in their rooms. To me, that is going too far in pampering.
    And forget discipline, it’s now viewed as some mamby pamby admonishment of ‘go ro your room.’ Because yes with all their toys and such, that is so disciplinarian.

    I try to give Spook what I can, but I see no point in going overboard and since we’re so cash poor anyway, it’s like she’s already learned life is tough, you don’t get everything you ask for. (Until my mother comes along, anyway.)

    I could do better in consistently making her do chores but sometimes she causes such a scene it’s easier to do it myself. I so apologize to my parents for my ten year old behavior now that I am seeing it in my own kid.

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  2. My dear Tanvir,

    I fully agree with you – our children not be educated in this way that they are dependent on their parents in everything they do – they must learn through the teaching of the parents to cope the difficulties of this world, to stand on their legs even when tough situations enter their lives.

    Education is very important and depends on the parents how they are able to convey their knowledge and wisdom to their children to prepare them properly for the rough sea of life. I see that education is done wrongly in so many ways: to watch tv with violence and crimes, to use ugly words, to be selfish and so forth – the main stream swims in egoism, in unawareness of what influence their education has to the child. The result is what we an see: our present world: full of agression, unjustice, hate, sex, crime, violence etc. Our children are the image of our own education and our education is the image of the society.

    In fact we need to educate our children that they become aware of what they do, think and speak, to be aware of all those reactions and consequences. But how blind is our society still…

    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend πŸ™‚
    Love and hugs to you

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  3. I completely agree with your inspiring and profound take on Parenting. It is so important how you bring up your child and what values you are teaching your child. It plays a very important role in their lives as they grow up. We are all because of how we were brought up by our parents. Thank you Tanvir for your much needed share in these times.

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  4. very good article. Teaching them how to be grateful in life will have a very positive impact as helps to be polite and appreciate others when they grow. Instead of pampering, we can could use little enticements as a way of motivation or way of appreciations for their efforts. We should starting teaching moral values as we are the first teacher, coach and mentor for them.

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