How you see life?


For a daily wage earner these being the vital tools for his livelihood.

Always struggled for a normal living.

He fought many battles openly and some quietly inside him.

In the course of struggle his tools of livelihood had never betrayed him.

Each morning he used to take his road with lighthearted,

Free from fear and waited for the world to see him.

He was confident,

What ever happens nothing can break him.

Long brown path waited for him.

Don’t know where it’s going to lead him.

But definitely the earth have sufficient to give him.

As he believed in his skills and hard work.


In Response to: Sadje – What do you see #18- February 24,2020   photo prompt-photo credit : Hoi An, Unsplash.

40 thoughts on “How you see life?

  1. Faith in self from the knowledge, skills , hard work & right attitude we learned & experiences through the years is a huge tool we can have whether we are familiar or not with the path we’re taking . Add prayers, nothing is impossible.

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  2. My dear Tanvir,

    In principle, we can see life as a glass half full or half empty, which means, we can see it in a positive way or in a negative way. However, the bridge between both sides is often crossed interchanging depending on the situation. So we can speak of trends – do we tend more in a positive way or in a negative way? – a question we can only answer ourselves…

    Thank you very much, my dear Tanvir
    Love and light to you 🙂

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  3. Everything about this piece speaks of humility. I believe this is how you walk in this world. This is my first time visiting your site. The pleasure is mine to have met you. Keenan

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