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Beauty of every morning is that it gives you an opportunity to:

GROW as a person EVERYDAY.

LEARN to see goodness around you EVERYDAY.

KINDNESS be your perspective EVERYDAY.

LEARN through experience should be EVERYDAY goal.

LOVE and SMILE  EVERYDAY as one inhales oxygen.

Be STRONG enough to fight for  EVERYDAY survival.


Some day may go rough and some day may go smooth.

In this process don’t forget to polish yourself as an individual.

We need to open our heart as wide as sky.

Don’t forget to thank Mother EARTH EVERYDAY,

For a soulful place given to live in.

34 thoughts on “Everyday!!

  1. This is so true and full of gratitude, Tanvir and I agree with you, Everyday is a blessing that we are seeing a beautiful day full of love and kindness. Yes sometimes days are surely bad but we must try our best to thank God and invite Him in our day. Lovely words.

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  2. BAhut hi khubsurat likha hai…..prernaa deti lekh…..

    जब नफरत के संग आँख खुली
    फिर सुबह उसे तुम मत कहना,
    तुम कुम्भकरण बन सो जाना,
    यूँ रोज सुबह तुम मत जगना,
    है आसमान सा दिल तेरा,
    सागर सी है गहराई सुन,
    है प्रेम भरा दिल में तेरे,
    तुम ईश्वर की परछाई सुन,
    तुम रोज सुबह स्नान किया,
    मन मंदिर पर ना ध्यान दिया,
    जब दया नहीं की औरों पर,
    खुद को इंसां तुम कहना,
    जब नफरत के संग आँख खुली
    फिर सुबह उसे तुम मत कहना|

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