How’s my profile picture? Don’t forget to like and comment , have made great efforts for the beautiful click, but sad failed to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Come and visit my profile,

For latest updates and to know who am I.

As we are not able connect with people in real life.

Unlikely, have time to follow, leave comments and update status.

Earlier people had time to talk, had cozy moments of laughter and togetherness.

But now it’s been ages when I heard your voice.

I may not recognise you now in person but damn-you look good in your profile picture.

Earlier problems were solved while discussing it with few people.

Today, the people have publicised their personal life.

That’s the beauty of social media.

Creating distance among the closed ones and connects with the people worldwide at the same time.

27 thoughts on “Profile-FOWC

  1. Profound and truthful words so well said, Tanvir. Today people have no time for anyone except Social Media and whole day sitting on their Mobiles either texting or on whats app or seeing stupid videos and have no time to talk to anyone. What a life we are living. Looks like the fun has disappeared. Too good post.

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  2. Bilkul satya kaha…..umda lekhan.

    कुछ लोग हमारे पास खड़े,
    हम पास मगर हैं दूर बहुत,
    इस चकाचौंध की दुनियाँ में,
    ना समझ सके मगरूर बहुत|

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