Beliefs and perception

Common Man

A common man is not common but a divine personality in its own. Sometimes we ourselves fail to see how powerful we are as a common man. We often fail to value ourselves.

In short we must learn to appreciate and value each other’s work.

  • A farmer who grows crops for the people. Works hard in every weather so that the world doesn’t sleep hungry.
  • Soldiers who protect the nation from the enemy and give their lives so that we have a peaceful sleep.
  • Business man who works with honesty to provide basic needs to his family and contributes towards the GDP of the country.
  • A doctor who is a god for people as he saves life and gives adequate treatment to his patients.
  • Teacher who lays the foundation of the children for their better future.
  • A beggar teaches us how difficult life is. Be thankful to what god have given you.

These are just few set of examples. But if we look around somewhere someone is contributing something very essential towards life. It’s just we take those things for granted.

We may not be known to world as the famous personalities are known. But we have attended fame in our own eyes and in the eyes of those to whom we owe something in life.

Another perception:

Who says the life of a common man is easy. They are the ones who have to face the good and the bad changes at a high degree than the well-known people. Whether it may be the corruption consequences or inflation.

No one will cry when you will die. People may remember you for a while. Soon your replacement will be made.

So by the end of the day you will have to work for your own goodwill and not for being common but to bring uncommon.

Don’t trade your freedom for few pence but make your roots stand uphold and strong. As you are not an easy replacement for the world.

Don’t test the patience of common man as when he outbursts his anger, will make the earth tremble.

Let the fools consider you the weakest community, as they forget a tree without roots is dead. So the world without you too is incomplete.

P.S : Share your thoughts and also give suggestions as I have shared two different feelings of a common man who I suppose might be contradicting. Do share your opinion.

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22 thoughts on “Common Man

  1. Tanvir you have described every person who works in life in their different trade so aptly and truly. I agree totally with your valuable post. The common man who works so tirelessly is always going through difficulty in life and we have these few people at the top who wants to squeeze us of everything. Great post

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