School uniform

School uniform gives an identity to the children.

Gives the feeling of being one.

It helps the students not fall in the trap of money/show off.

Where all the students gain same knowledge under one shelter without any discrimination.

School uniform creates a sense of unity and helps in making friends easily.

Where in many countries school uniforms are considered conservative.

Many say it closes the doors of creativity.

But I say lack of school uniforms creates the mental disturbances among children.

Increases the burden on parents pocket.

Lack of school uniform creates bias thoughts among children and hence hammers their growth.

I belive school uniform makes a child confident. A child is able to express more rather than getting embarrassed with what he/she have worn.

Remember children go to school for studies and for better upbringing and not for fashion.

P.s : Do share your thoughts, on whether school uniform should be there in school or not.

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37 thoughts on “School uniform

    1. Gender wise I think it might become little restricted. the school is the base of looking towards world and with gender dress similarity might block the development of children. But definitely your prescription is agreed from your point of view. Thank you 😊 for the inputs shared.

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  1. I grew up wearing uniforms to school, pre-school, primary, secondary, alevel. And so now that I can look back on all those years, I am actually grateful that we had to. It creates a sense of identity and discipline. And it was just so easy to not have to worry about what you are wearing or having to compare yourself to other people.

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  2. Interesting! I didn’t have uniforms at my school. I suppose if one was keeping up with the popular kid’s latest fashions it could get expensive but I generally didn’t (maybe why I wasn’t popular!) lol. It’s hard to say what triggers success in school, thanks for writing.

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  3. bilkul sahi hai ……ye rudhiwaaditaa yaa kisi tarah dosh nahi paidaa karta balki ek sutra men sabko bandhta hai……

    ऊंच नीच का भेद मिटाता,
    वर्दी ये विद्यालय की,
    सबको एक समान बनाता,
    वर्दी ये विद्यालय की,

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  4. I didn’t like my school uniform, BUT I was grateful, Mum and Dad couldn’t have afforded lots of fashionable clothes to compete. Also how long would it take to get ready for school if you have to decide what to wear?

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