Power of promise

Promise have a  power to persuade someone thoughts.

But only for those who value it.

Promise someone only if you have the intention to fulfil.

As for you it may not mean anything but for someone to whom you have promised can be a ray of hope.

Those dealing with their hardships in life, have learnt how to deal with problems that come on their way.

But a promise made by you to help someone dealing with problems, may make them weak if not fulfilled.

As it gives them a hope and they expect something good is going to happen.

Hence,the person might shatter, when the promise is not fulfilled.

Remember promises are not meant to be broken but are tend to be fulfilled.

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21 thoughts on “Power of promise

  1. So true. For this very reason I stay away from telling people the hardship I’m going through. And avoid making promises I’m unsure if I can keep. It’s terrible to feel a ray of hope and have it shatter. It can feel worse than before.

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  2. Bahut sahi kaha…..वादा उम्मीद की किरण होती है जो मरणासन्न व्यक्ति को भी जिंदा बनाए रखती है और टूटे वादे,झूठे वादे जिंदा मुस्कुराते इंसान को भी मौत की नींद सुला देती है।खूबसूरत पोस्ट।👌👌

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  3. This is so true.

    Two memories come to mind of failed promises. One as a child and another more recent of all last year.
    As a child, I was promised something that he would buy for me at Christmas and I didn’t get it and so I was upset.
    The following year, this same person promised the same thing again. I didn’t believe him, but I thought, I’ll see. It didn’t happen.
    He promised a third year in a row the same thing. Naturally, it went in one ear and out the other. I didn’t get it and I wasn’t expecting it. He did not say it again.

    As an adult and a very difficult year I had last year with my mum, I heard nothing but promises of coffee from a cousin. (Something I have blogged about.) The last time coffee was repeatedly mentioned, I was at a suicidal point in my life and I was hanging onto that promise of coffee from the same relative, only to be let down again. That one shattered me.
    Since then, I don’t intend to make any effort any further of this relative, which beginning of this year she promised that coffee again. A text I never responded back to and never will.

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  4. Reblogged this on My Wellbeing and Learning Journey and commented:
    Having known what it feels like to be on the end of failed promises and especially the promise of coffee I heard all last year, that shattered me at my most vulnerable moment, (when I was feeling suicidal). I was really hanging onto that particular offer of coffee and I really thought it would happen, as you know when I blogged about it. That no way could I allow myself to accept any further from that relative. She had her chances all year and I was not going to shatter again.
    So knowing how powerful a promise can be and as I have mentioned myself, don’t promise what you can’t keep, because you never know how it will affect the person possibly that you have just let down.
    So I share this blog post I came across today, that reminds the power of a promise.

    Click on the link below to take you to the original blog post, where you can read it all.

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