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Cleaning of mind

As we clean our house, we must also clean our mind. It’s very important to feed our mind with good, pure and positive thoughts, along with the preachings of our elders.

This helps to vacuum the dirt filled in mind with negative thoughts.

It’s very important to keep our mind clean and bright, as it’s the window through which we  see the world.

On seeing our surroundings clean, we are happy and full of energy. Than why we often stuff our mind with unnecessary thoughts?

As we never know what’s there in the room until we clean it, same is with our mind, we never how good we our until we clean it with the unnecessary thoughts.

Everybody wants to safe the earth but no one wants to help mom with the dishes.

P.S : Making a post an interactive one, kindly share your comments how and with what one can purify the thoughts.  It would be a pleasure if one shares the instances or an example.

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25 thoughts on “Cleaning of mind

  1. Perfect image for a beautiful post, Tanvir. We need to remove the garbage from our minds and have some peace and quietness within to understand who we really are. Everyday I go for an hour walk and listen to spiritual motivators who tell us so much on how to clean our thoughts and be with God who knows us all.

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  2. I think cleaning comes into picture when we pollute our minds. I feel a better approach is not to poison ourselves. The digital age is mostly responsible for the mind pollution in modern times. I think it’s better not to absorb the outside noise into you. Build a secure filter around you so that the outside world does not penetrate you. Take time to analyse the input and accept only what is needed. Evolve continuously, what you approved today need not be accepted tomorrow. This is the only way you get better each day. Strive to live each day.

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