Stage -FOWC

To perform on stage, I once had a fear.

But than my teacher said,” What is there to be fear of?”

Even if you made a mistake the audience is not going to eat you up.

At least you have the courage to show your talent, where rest are sitting, who can either enjoy or criticize without reason.

Once you learn to face the criticism no one can ever defeat you in the stage of life.

As life is a stage too.

We all are performing different roles.

Remember while we grow in life, as an individual we play multiple roles.

Role played by you in school stage is about a particular character, where you get number of opportunities to correct yourself before the final performance.

But in life when you choose your role, the performance depends upon your abilities and without any retake.

Now it’s up to you whether you select good roles or bad roles in life.

Enjoy the magic of being on stage.

As the whole world is stage and we all are the players.



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