Damage -FOWC

The roots of humanity have been damaged to such extent, that it cannot be repaired.

There’s nothing left in describing the meaning of so-called humanity.

Cold breeze of wind comes,

Turns us blue but we remain undefeated from the cruelty that have been built within us.

So don’t bother to ask,”How it began”?

Just keep pondering where humanity have gone and keep asking yourself…………….

Will humanity ever return back to its soul.


#FOWC with Fandango- Damage

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34 thoughts on “Damage -FOWC

  1. As we approach the Golden Age, new divine laws will be present (this still takes 70 years) – outside more peace will rule, but inside there will be more restlessness. Meanwhile mankind has to face a lot of suffering, but will come around, will survive – there is still hope and a major change will come…even if it is painful…

    Thanks for sharing, my dear Tanvir πŸ™‚
    Love and light to you

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  2. Actually Tanvir if u go to see there is a lot of goodness too but the media also plays a great role to spread badness and of course as u have rightly said that humans have given their souls away but trust God he knows what he is doing. This entire world is His and we r all encased in him.

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  3. Yes I agree totally with you Tanvir. Humanity has lost its soul. May be we should expect the word β€˜humanity β€˜ to be deleted altogether from our dictionary. What is humanity? No one knows.
    Sadly 😞

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  4. Maanvata, insaaniyat hajaaron baar trin trin huaa ….magar mitaayaa nahi jaa sakaa…..har baar nafrat haaraa hai……..phir bhi nafrat haar nahi maanaa…….hum esi duniyan men hain……..koyee prem baatataa hai koyee nafrat…….

    Imaarten rah jaayengi……magar kisi kaam ki nahi,
    agar manvataa naa rahi
    phir ye duniyan kisi kaam ki nahi.

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