Follow your voice

Above all voices, listening and understanding your voice is very important. This can only happen if you trust your instincts, as your inner voice will always lead you to the right path.

The world will give their own advises, will suggest you with various new ideas but don’t let the world silence your voice.

Following your voice is important because you know your path better than anyone.

”Why nobody other than you can give you a better advice? Have you ever given a thought over that point?”

It’s because you have the permission to go through things inside out completely. You have the right to walk way from anything that doesn’t sound you right. Hence, entrusting your instincts is important.

Many don’t even know how important it is to understand ones’ intuitions. Intuition is your inner voice which helps you to learn from within.

Would love to share a beautiful story on how important it is to follow your voice by Gaur Gopal Das:

A vegetable vendor used  WHITE BOARD with the words ‘‘FRESH VEGETABLES SOLD HERE”  to attract people to buy vegetables. A man came to him and said,” Simply by seeing we can tell that your vegetables are fresh. Why do you need to advertise them as fresh? Rub of the word fresh.” The vendor did so leaving behind the words ”VEGETABLES ARE SOLD HERE’‘ on the board. Another man came and said,”We know you are selling vegetables and not fruits, why don’t you wipe of the words ‘vegetables’?” The man wiped of the word and complied the remaining words, ”SOLD HERE” on the board.

Later on, another lady came and said,” We know who you are here in market and not selling your vegetables for free. Wipe the word ‘sold‘. Now the board was left with only one word, ‘‘HERE”. In the meantime a school boy passed by laughing and said ,”The whole area knows that you are selling vegetables here and not there.” The man rubbed the word leaving the white board blank. In the mean time a customer came to buy vegetables and said,”Only a stupid can keep the board blank. Why Don’t you write sometime to advertise your vegetables.”

Remember in life everyone have some opinions to share. Often people will share suggestions with good intentions. But in the course of listening to all the suggestions we forget what we have to do and what motive we had in life. In the noise of other suggestions don’t forget to listen to your inner voice. It’s not about ignoring good advice, it’s all about listing to yourself.

35 thoughts on “Follow your voice

  1. A very telling story to illustrate your point. As a blogger who tends to write long stuff quite often, I interpreted your metaphor also as permission for me to ramble on because clearly β€œless is not necessarily more”!

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  2. I completely agree totally with this marvelous post, Tanvir and the story is perfect. People are nice in our lives and at times it is nice to listen to their advice but everytime it does not work. We need to listen to our intuition too. Great words written.

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  3. Kya baat…..sabki apni apni soch hai aur vichar bhi………sach kaun kya kahta hai parwaah kiye binaa jo apni mann ki kahi baaton ko sunta hai wah sukun bhara jivan jeeta hai………aisaa hi udaahran maine KABHI PADHAA THA OSHO KI EK KITAB MEN.

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