Often people criticise :

  • Why wrong things happen only to me.
  • I don’t have anything worth appreciating in life.
  • Life have always been harsh to me.
  • Often problems that I face are because of others.
  • Often get hurt with the actions of the other people.

In life we all have the ability to think and make a suitable decision. Now it depends upon  us what the decision we make, depending upon the choices we have.

Choice me make each and every day.

Remember decision made by us may not change the circumstances immediately but definitely can make the path a better way to move ahead.

Few choices made can definitely make life little less complicated :

  • I choose to be GRATEFUL.
  • I choose to be HAPPY.
  • I choose to be BLESSED.
  • I choose to be EXCITED.
  • I choose to be THANKFUL.
  • I choose to IGNORE.

I wish the readers from their experience do share the choices made by them that have been a value addition in their life.


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15 thoughts on “Choice

  1. You are so right that our attitude to life and its events make a huge difference.
    We will all meet difficulties and sadness at some time.
    Through good and not so good I find Gratitude to life be a great strength.


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