A thought of being surrounded by the darkness of sorrow, often scares me.

And heart says, what wrong have I done.

I don’t blame the world,

But my destiny,

Which is leading us no where, but only into the darkness of sorrow.

Waiting for the sun to shine,

Hoping some day some one will say all will be fine.

But for now for me where time is moving slow, I can only wait for the darkness to go away.

P.s: Even holidays couldn’t keep me away from WordPress. Will try to cope up with reading though less writing till I come back from holidays.

36 thoughts on “Sorrow

  1. My dear Tanvir,

    Joy and happiness are coming from the same coin – that is why our life is like a roller-coaster: with ups and downs – where here in this world but not from this world, however, wenn our attention binds to something in this world, our roller-coaster journey beginns. So we have to try to be unattached, from praises and critics, from joy and sadness focusing our attention in our only true friend who will even accompany us when leaving this body: in God – in doing so and helping others, service to man out of compassion and love (with the right understanding that we all are brothers and sisters in Him – this will lead away from the grand Illusion, Maya that everyone of us has to face (that we are all separated – but it is only our mind that separates us as drop of water from the vast Ocean, Almighty).

    Real happiness is permanent, does not change and everything else that changes is in the circle of Maya and embedded in our mind. Our mind tried to be happy via endless of wishes, but it does not get the eternal nektar of it – mind happiness is also only perishable, subject to change.

    All the best, my dear Tanvir
    Hugs and love

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