Against all odds

Against all odds you succeed,

You passed all the obstacles and cleared your path.

Growing up and to be raised in a society where all are pulling you back and stopping you to move ahead in life is not easy.

Living in a generation where with hard work you must have a good back is difficult.

Yet in these odd circumstances you succeeded on your own.

Against all odds you didn’t let the criticism over power your confidence.

Instead you learnt from that and improved your abilities.

Thorns made you bleed, time-tested your patience but you never gave up.

Lived in tight environment of doubts, listened words like ”you can’t” and ”you won’t’‘ but still you crossed the dense forest.

Today, the rising sun is waiting for you. Appreciating the efforts made by you.

Now, all those who criticised you, suddenly showing belief in your output.

At the end your success is your achievement. Don’t let yourself fall in the trap of doubts and negativity.

# Fandango’s Flash challenge 23

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54 thoughts on “Against all odds

  1. So true! Negativity is a waste our precious energy. i have recently started a blog based on similar themes are yours. I would appreciate if you could give me a follow and possibly leave some feedback on my work. Thanks in advance~ clodagh ☺️

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