Daily challenge


I am grateful to God for everything he have given to me.

At the same time I am grateful for those things I don’t have, as it gives me motivation to work hard for the achievement of the things I don’t have.

I am grateful for not knowing everything, as it gives the opportunity to explore and gain more knowledge.

I am grateful for the difficult times, as it taught me a lesson and helped me to make better decisions in life.

I am grateful for the challenges that life throws on me, as it increases my strength and helps me to find out my own capabilities.

I am grateful for all the negative things happened in my life as it helped me to enrich my life.

It made me realise that life is not going to be the way you want.

Every step is life is to be earned.

I am grateful for every fall as it made me realise to stand up on my own. Each time I cannot expect anyone to help me.

I am grateful to thank all the negative things in life as it’s easy to be thankful for positive things but few gain the courage to face the adversity in life.

I am glad to be among those few.

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