Art of trusting someone is very important.

As your judgment quality gives the clarity of  level of how much you trust.

Trusting someone is confiding yourself.

A man got married and was returning home with his wife. While crossing a lake in a boat, a great storm aroused. The man was a warrior and a person with strong will power. Where as the women was very afraid and quite hopeless about their survival.

Being the small boat it was sounding difficult to resist in front of the strong waves and the wife was sure at any moment they can be drowned.

But the man was calm and peaceful and sat silently, as if nothing was happening. The wife was trembling and asked ,”Are you not afraid?”

This may be our last moment of life!

It doesn’t seem that we might make up till the shore.

At this the man laughed and took out sword of its sheath, than he bought the naked sword near to his wife’s neck, and asked “Do you fear now?”

The wife beautifully replied,” when the sword is in your hands why should I worry. I have no fear as I know you will not harm me because of the beautiful bond of love we share.”

He than put the sword back and said , this is my answer. I know God loves me and this storm is in His hands. So whatever happens is going to be good. Whether we survive or not it’s going to be good as everything is in the hands of God. And He cannot do anything wrong with His children.

In life we all need to learn how to trust. More over we have to learn the acknowledgement of trust. A trust is capable of transforming our whole life.

Humans might be indifferent at times but trusting in God will never make you disappointed.

Remember when you trust God in darkness your faith will increase, as the good times passes well like a beautiful sunshine.

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33 thoughts on “Trust!

  1. Love this story. Thank you for sharing it and your own thoughts.

    I like to follow the advice of friend of mine when it comes to trust and other issues, of course.

    Follow your instincts, not your fears
    Life will show you what to do

    It helps me immeasurably.

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  2. Beautiful ❀️❀️ and such inspiring and motivating words written on Trust, Tanvir. It strengthens our faith in God who is all the time with us. We have to only surrender to him.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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