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Self healing

Every individual have the power, knowledge and ability to heal oneself. You many be under any situation, no matter what you are experiencing, if you peacefully give chance to self can overcome the consequences by healing.

It’s very important for us to turn on the energy of our body into various emotions giving us peace and positivity. It’s important to calm the running thoughts which is draining us deep down towards negativity.

Self healing is not at all a complicated. It’s just like switching your news channel to your favourite comedy channel.

The belief that you have to keep running in your mind is that miracles do happen in life.

Healing means becoming more whole and able to fulfil what you wish to accomplish.

Self healing refers how wisely you treat yourself. How appropriately you eat, exercise and sleep well. One should truly learn deep relaxation. Every day 10 to 20 minutes of deep relaxation will help to calm your nerves, giving your mind fresh air, will help you to improve your health.

While doing deep relaxation try to do meditation and focus on love, care, harmony thoughts which will further help you from distractions.

Tend to fill your mind with the things that you are grateful off. Often feel gratitude and thankful to your body who is functioning with you in every odds. In return you only have to make your body healthy.

Stress being the major cause for deterioration of your body. Sometimes making the emotional and mental conditions worse. At that point it becomes very vital to relax your nerves and meditate. Or else stress may lead many problems like depression, emotional imbalance etc.

In order to speed up the process of healing be a wise guide to your mind, have a control on the thoughts and emotions you think. In simple words be the change you want to create.

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52 thoughts on “Self healing

  1. Tan, I so agree with your message in this post. To find harmony, stillness within and gratitude
    goes a long way to strengthen mind and body. Stress is a very destructive condition, I have been
    there and know the consequences.


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  2. Such an inspiring post, Tanvir and I agree totally with your words. Self-healing is the best for us and we can with a little discipline and reading spiritual books, eating right food go on this path that will lead to happiness. Too good.

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  3. This is a fantastic advice. Yes, healing is inbuilt. We should not give up. In fact we do experience healing process everyday and every single second. We don’t realise it. We feel that doctors are healing, actually doctors treat but healing process is inbuilt. Doctors facilitate the healing process. This healing mechanism is created by the Almighty God. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for following my blog. God bless you. Keep writing and keep inspiring.

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  4. What an absolutely excellent post Tanvir and so utterly and remarkably true – you have to believe in yourself – once you trust yourself to believe in yourself and your abilities – you can and will start to heal – the power of positivity is an awesome tool to have and more so if it is built from within your own personality 🙂

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  5. I enjoyed reading this blog, knowing someone else has a similar mindset to me in regards to healing oneself. It’s the most powerful thing you can do. I liked how you said about “deep relaxation” – I’ve never looked at meditation and stuff in that way so I appreciate that!! 💪🏼👊🏼

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