Social manners-for Children

While nurturing a child it’s important to pay attention on manners at a very young age as they are tend to mould easily in which ever shape you wish to mould them.

As nowadays often see children being quite rude at young age, either their errors are ignored or importance of manners are not given consideration. If parents and teachers wish to hear their child’s appreciation than make sure you work on their manners at a very young age.

I am emphasising on the word at young age because children learn from what they see around them.

Points that I am sharing for sure must have read by the readers somewhere and definitely must be taken into consideration by many parents. It’s just sometimes we forget the importance of manners in life.

  1. Gratitude and politeness being the foremost manners to be taught, as they are the most valued treasure depicting the culture of the family.
  2. Considering the appreciation of children should be taken into notice as it develops a sense of empathy.
  3. ”Thank you”. Saying the word at right time should be taught.
  4. When you need something say, ” Please.” It’s a humble word of being polite.
  5. Children always notice what their elders do. When two elders are speaking make sure one doesn’t interpret unless it’s an emergency.
  6. “Excuse me” is the polite way to enter into conversation and also getting the attention of the desired people.
  7. Make sure you teach your children to compliment others, rather than commenting negatively on physical features. It plays a major role on the thought process and on the attitude of  children towards others.
  8. When ever you visit your friend’s house, don’t forget to thank your friend’s parents for the hospitality given by them.

These are just few minor points shared. As and when children matures they understand the meaning and importance of manners in life. Humbly explaining the importance of manners to children from time to time they would learn to acknowledge the use of manners at adequate time.


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50 thoughts on “Social manners-for Children

  1. So so true. People forget about politeness and manners because they are too preoccupied with being “honest”. And their honesty is often hits an excuse to be cutting and rude and abrasive. Bugs me so much.

    Great post.

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  2. This beautiful post is a ‘must read’ for all Parents. In my country it has become a disturbing reality, that Parents do not see the need to invest the time required to plant and nurture the seeds of polite ethics in their children. I have shared this Classic writeup on my social media handles with the hope that more Parents can read and learn. Great Work.

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  3. If the parents are teaching their children all these manners, the world would have been a better place, but I only see few manners and few educated kids unfortunately!
    Very important post!

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      1. Thank you. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 mentions that children will be “disobedient to parents” and that increasing bad behavior by children is a sign of the “last days”. Why do you think the behavior of children seems to be getting worse?

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      2. Because now days parents don’t give time what children needs the most and don’t correct them timely in privacy where they have to improve. People with money provide things easily without consideration in building the values of children and hence giving a negative result.

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      3. You’re so right! Of all the things we can provide for our children, the most important are things we can’t buy with money such as our time, love and affection. Just taking the time to be with our kids, to support them, protect them and listen to them is invaluable (James 1:19).

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  4. Aaj paison aur bilasita sambandhi bastuwon ke paane ki daud ne hamen pariwar men hote huye bhi pariwaar se alag kar diya hai……majal nahi koyee mere bachchon ko kuchh bol de……..bahut sampati kisi kaam kaa nahi agar bachchon men sanskar nahi……….agar ham kuchh samay nikal bachchon ko jine ka tarika aur auron ko samman karne ka dhang sikhaye to bahut saari samajik burayeeyan khatm ho jayegi…………bahut hi khubusurat post hamesh ki tarah.

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