Change your vision

We often crumble at times because of the situations we are going through. Tangled up in work mess, going through bad face in relationships, where you feel the whole world is against, even when you are not wrong, and you feel helpless as no one is trying to understand you.

When we are in such mess we keep asking ourselves ”Why its happening with me?”. Than at that moment of time we have to give few minutes to ourselves in peace and evaluate the situations one by one that’s going around us.

Focus on few things :

  • Do what you can do to sort the issues.
  • If its your fault than correct it.
  • If its someone elses fault and that person is within your reach than you must surely discuss the matter in peace and remove the misunderstandings.
  • Remember a good communication is very important to open the tangles of complications in life.

Often in life what we go through is neither yours or anyone elses fault. Than what one should do? Change your way of thinking. Try to look at the things from other side too. And you will find your answer.

Once a boy came running to his mother and asked her,” What are you doing, Mom?”

She replied,” I am making a beautiful embroidered design on a piece of cloth.”

The boy looked at the cloth securely held in the wooden ring in hoop and complained,” A design, look mom coloured treads are all tangled up. It looks to me a piece of tread that’s just messed up. And you call this complicated work a design.”

At that mother beautifully smiled and asked her son to come beside her and then showed him the cloth. Now have a look at it my son. The boy saw a beautiful design with lovely pattern of colours and was astonished with the layout he saw.

Than the mother said,” When you looked at the cloth from your side it was all messed up but when you saw the cloth from my side it was a beautiful systematic design.

Remember  in life when we are helpless because of the challenges we face in our life, with no fault of ours or of anybody, and being in such situation where we cannot sort out things, at that point we have to change our vision. All the things being messed up from our side, all events our jumbled up. But when we look at the situation from Life or from God point of view. We could see a beautiful design, a plan evolving on our lives.

So in order to have a beautiful life you cannot avoid the up and downs in life. You have to open the knots of the complicated paths. The nature of life is like of the embroidery.

In fact the life gives us the strength and plays with our outlook. It helps to face the challenges in our life. Remember your change in vision will make you a whole new person.

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46 thoughts on “Change your vision

  1. जीवन के बढ़िया विचार साझा किये हैं तनवीर जी, यूँ ही लिखती रहें!

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