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Unanswered questions!!

P.S : All incidents are based on facts read in book I Accuse by Jarnail Singh ( journalist by Profession and from the internet). Shared my feeling on lost humanity, without discriminating anyone and trying to find the meaning of justice.

While reading a book I Accuse… which is based on true events, have few questions in my mind and I suppose these questions are in the mind of many people. Specially in the mind of those who have suffered.

Events of 1984.

Background :

Till when we the citizens are going to pay for the mistakes done by the congress. From the time of Independence till date the errors made by the congress is not healed. To make the matters worse the events of 1984 are beyond expression. The event clearly depicts that to what extent the politicians can go, in order to save their ass and to fulfill the greed of being in power.

To cover up the mistakes made by the congressmen the operation Blue Star was initiated. It was not an immediate decision taken under the leadership of Mrs Indira Gandhi but a well planned act that was under construction from past 1 and 1/2 years before the actual event took place.

What happened from June 1 to June 8 1984, we all know. Later the act lead to the assassination of Mrs Gandhi on 31st October, 1984.

After effects of the assassination :

The events following Indira Gandhi’s assassination were not riots, though that is what they are commonly called.

A riot means a breakout between people and in this confrontation with each other, involved parties suffer greater or lesser degree of damage. But here the harm was one-sided.

The violence that took place was well planned and organised. The whole event actually lays a question mark on Humanity. A shameful act in the name of humanity and LAW & ORDER.

Well arranged mobs were given orders to kill Sikhs. Delhi had become a place where murderers were freely moving. Police had become blind and as per the instructions the law in Delhi were supporting the mob and on other hand the Sikhs who were protecting themselves were put in jail in charges of murder etc. Women were brutally raped. The gurdwaras were attacked. During those days the only source of information was Doordarshan and radio. Doordarshan being the government media never highlighted the problem and disaster that was taking place in Delhi. Rather they only highlighted the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi and people mourning over her death. The media didn’t even felt appropriate to talk to the widows of those killed. There was no one to stop and rectify the rumours that it’s the Sikhs who have created the disturbance in Delhi, which led to unnecessary increase in riots by The Hindus in UP and Delhi.

On 19th, November Rajiv Gandhi, addresses the crowd at India Gate  on his late mother’s birthday and said ,” But when a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake.” To us it was rubbing salt to our wounds. Congress action lead to the downfall of their own people and in return they were unearthing the community who always worked for humanity. How could Hindus forget that our Gurus who martyred themselves just to protect the Hindus from the The Mughals who had forgotten the meaning of humanity. Our community always protected the dignity of women and today you are back stabbing the people on what grounds.

Sikhs were feeling insecure and homeless in their own country. As no one raised their voices on the massacre that took place. Even in the Parliament Session after massacre not a single person referred to the tragedy that had befallen Delhi’s Sikh community. Sikhs approached everywhere with the hope that their voice is going to be heard and will be provided with justice but to the matter of fact the F.I.R was refused by police to lodge in.

Rather first F.I.R was registered too in 1994, after 10 years of the incident that took place. Sajjan Kumar, the former congress leader and other people involved in the incident were given good post in the cabinet by the congress. Where as Sikh community were struggling for justice.

After 34 years of the incident on 17th, December 2018 Sajjan Kumar was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in anti sikhs riots, 1984.  Is this we call justice. Congressmen are still struggling to avoid the questions raised on this incident and are running from their past.

Things in mind:

  • Why justice was delayed and still not completely given.
  • The unbearable memories where in three days over 3000 Sikhs were slaughtered.
  • Have never  seen an act of  inhuman behaviour just to play the dirty game of politics.

Today I ask the readers, specifically those who have witnessed the unforgettable event or have the knowledge of the 1984 riots.

To what extent the leaders have the right to lie to the public, to twist the public opinions to such extent that no one is ready to take the liability for the consequences.

To what extent is it correct to poison the minds of the humble people, to poke the passion of reaction and intolerance. A will full crime done to exploit patriotism in the name of hatred.

29 thoughts on “Unanswered questions!!

  1. Oh my goodness! Thankyou for this post, and for telling us all this. I am not in your cluntry and was unawarenof how horrific all this was. The questions will always remain, asbthey always do after such horrific things. And especially of the politicians. My heart is sobfull of grief to read all of this that I hardly know what to say. I am enlightened, but in a horrible way. But I am glad that Imknow this now, for I can, to some extent, share your feelings. So so terrible. Thankyou for this post.


      1. Yes, it is very important to have full information. It is heart breaking to know this – after so many years and also that there is no real justice or punishment for the wrongdoers. Thank you for speaking out Tanvir. I really appreciate it.

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      2. Glad you changed your mind and let it stay. Truth may be bitter, but it is the truth. My prayers for our country and Mother Earth, for all our hearts to unite and realize that love and brotherhood is the best – and only viable way for all of us. Thanks again Tanvir.

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  2. That’s so terrible. Media is in a way, notorious to blow things out of proportion, but since it was DD, they had it under their control. Such horrendous act by ruling people is simply unpardonable. It’s like giving responsibility of our own house to notorious gangsters to take care of us ☹️

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  3. My blood boils when I think of Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler. 3000 people were roasted alive all because of Government’s apathetic attitude. How more egregious can it get ? Humanity was shamed that day, even though I was a toddler but have heard horrific stories of the day. May the pain heal and affected people come out of it.

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    1. I know. I remember my parents telling where we were residing people were about burn a particular building and with how difficulty they were stopped as it could damage the whole interlinked locality.
      This happens when blind faith goes on. And you don’t feel the pain but if a little is reciprocated back will get to know what a pain is like .

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  4. Thanks for the information and never knew what our politicians r capable of, Tanvir and to what extent they went to destroy the community for assassination of Indira Gandhi. I too share my feelings with you and your whole community. Thanks for the enlightening post.

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      1. I know …….I was a baby then and have heard about this my entire life …… neighbors houses burnt ……the men of our family didn’t sleep for nights guarding the colony …..words are not enough to describe what the victims went through

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  5. No words…that was barbaric and death of humanity! Being played on by political leaders people just lost it (and it has always happened in the past if we pickup history of any country and it continues till today)…thousands of innocent sikhs were killed for no fault of their own and the culprits shamelessly roam till today protected by power and money and weak judiciary…someone who organized mobs to target everyone of a specific community just because someone from that community did something…and now they are free of all charges!! With so much on their conscience I dont know how they survive…or have no conscience most probably! No one wants to be accountable for but still wants to be in power. Your last line summed it up!

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