Daily challenge


A lady who always keeps her head high.

She is the one who is admired for courage and beauty.

Her eyes sparkle like stars in the sky.

A lady is always looked upon for the love and compassion she gives to the world.

She inspires the world with her happiness.

A big-hearted personality who sees and find wrong in nothing.

For her the whole world is filled with goodness.

Believes in only spreading love and care. No matter what the world may gossip about her.

A lady knows well how to mend a wounded heart.

As she fits herself well in every role she plays. Being it a mother, sister or a wife.

Throughout her life she works hard and smile for the world.

But it’s painful to know that no one sees her pain behind that smile.

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36 thoughts on “Lady

  1. I totally agree with every line as I have had experience with the power, wisdom, care and love that comes from a woman. I really felt connected to this read, from the start to the end. You writing is out of this world! – Cezane

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