I for Ink

I miss the days of writing letters.

Those blank pages, filled with the feelings of ink.

Than waiting for the postman if he had got our reply.

Sitting by the ocean bank and recalling childhood memories.

At that time hated the homework /class work given by teachers.

But now miss filling the note-book with ink.

I miss to write again. Wish to go to school again.

Excitement of buying fountain pen and ink pot.

Ink is definitely a drug for the writers.

Depicting various feelings in different colours.

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40 thoughts on “I for Ink

  1. Ah letter writing and fountain pens! How I miss them. I remember when we’d suddenly run out of ink at school the bench-mate was generous enough to spill some ink upon the desk which we’d used to write!

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  2. Yes yes I too miss my beautiful and wonderful pens that we used to scribble all over our school books and would write pages of pages either love letters to our penfriends and yes not homework for sure. Nostalgic moments so livid in your poem, Tanvir. I too am remembering my pen today only our fingers are working.

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  3. A friend gifted me with a fountain pen and gorgeous sea blue ink — feel like smiling each time i write – it is art on paper even my same old handwriting and a smile on my lips. Joy of the present moment comes tumbling in — your post takes me once more to that sweet space, Tanvir. Thank you dear friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I brought a cartridge pen and cartridges a few years back and time to time i write in Ink .
    I did it just to have that feeling of writing in Ink, being back at school, air mails, pen pals. And also so i can practising writing
    My writing is awful cause i type all day.

    Great post and brought back sweet memories. You are doing so well with this challenge and i am enjoying each and every post.

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  5. Oh so well said!! Really miss the days of the ink…now all we do is type on physical and virtual keyboards ! The magic of ink, seeing it dry on words on papers, the intoxicating smell – it was as if we are really wrapping emotions into them for letters and postcards. With unique handwriting for each person, we could feel instant connect with the person after recognising the handwriting …. now itโ€™s all typing with same format and font (or standard ones) being used which donโ€™t convey the same emotions….miss those days!

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  6. Kya khub likha hai…. laajwaab “I”
    Ham sab us din ko us samay ko aur us postcard aur kalam ko yaad karte hain….aaj bhi uski khushboo dil men kaid hai…..chahte hai magar dekh nahi paate…..

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