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Earth provides us everything to fulfil our needs but we are destroying it with our hatred and wrong intentions.

With this note I want to give condolences to the people of Sri Lanka. Where the world was enjoying the Easter holidays, Sri Lanka on the eve of Easter Sunday faced deadly bomb blasts in three Churches.

Where more than 350 people were killed and more than 500 were injured.

I truly want to know what peace it gave to the people who were involved in these attacks.

Earth is a beautiful place to live with love, peace and embrace humanity. Peace is in our hands. By such methods are we making efforts to have a peaceful life or an unsecured life filled with terror.

Earth being a place of music to be heard but now when we try to hear the music often the music tune is played of terror filled with insecurity in the name of God.

Earth have so much to give, if you notice it carefully it will mesmerize you with its beauty. So take the task and free your self by widening the circle of compassion by embracing all living creatures and whole of the nature and it’s beauty.

Prayers for the people of Sri Lanka and for the nation. May the world stay secured and connected.

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31 thoughts on “Earth

  1. Extreme brainwashing and the promise of ‘heaven’ can lead some to do the most atrocious things. Unfortunately, we cannot destroy an ideology. Religious zealots, fundamentalists and extremists have been around as long as religion has. Such a sad state this world is in.

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  2. I have been carrying this thought for a week now, about how the Earth has been loving us without asking for nothing in return, your post has delivered, hammered that thought in my mind so well I felt it in my heart. Really loved this! – Cezane

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  3. Those people who commit such crimes, killing people, they do not know what is love, they cannot even speak in the name of God – as God is love and not hate, those people do not even know what they do. May we pray that they should learn their lessons to become human and have respect to life and people, have understood that we all are one family. And may we also include in our prayers that God may put His Grace on all those killed people and surviving relatives.

    Thanks for sharing, my dear Tanvir
    Hugs and love to you

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  4. It sure has become a place to vent out terror to the innocents. Earth doesn’t promise anything but doesn’t hurt us as well. But Yeah! It’s all about being meek and submissive as we are and doing nothing about it. Maybe time will change or not but men will be forever crusading lives all over.
    Cheers and deepest condolences to the deceased.
    Amazing post.💙🤘🏻

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  5. Anginat baar us uparwale ne hamen jine ka tarika bataayaa magar aaj tak hamen jinaa nahin aayaa….jisne ashray diya usi ko ham mitaate chale aaye aur uae hi mitaane ki ye kaisi jidd……ye dharti sab ko samaan jiwan deti hai…….badle men ham kya karte hain……apne bahut hi khubsurati se likha hai.

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  6. I really believe this is the Kingdom of Heaven. This earth was given and entrusted to us and it is so sad people think only of hatred and destruction rather than appreciate the gifts we have been given here. I really wish we could learn to love one another. Thanks for posting this… ❤

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  7. I reciprocate the same feelings that you have so profoundly shared on your blog on our beautiful Earth day and why this is happening. Unnecessary are few people who are fanatics of religion do all these nonsense and kill people randomly not bothered about their family or what they must be facing. All selfishness to its ultimate. Feel so sorry for these people.

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  8. Really have no words! Humans have disappointed yet again! Becoming so cruel, brainwashed, extremist and yet claim to be the most intelligent species on earth – which ironically is hell bent on destroying it! Taking religion as an excuse and killing innocents they think they will get heaven. All this when they dont even know what happens after death. So sure of the brainwashing. Extremism in any form and in any religion results in violence and death since the followers of the religions are idiotic humans while religion in itself is not bad! Not just this, we have been fighting wars since the beginning of civilisation, the world wars, the current conflicts, nuclear stockpiles…we have not learnt our lessons…and then as if this was not enough we are mindlessly plundering the Earth of its resources, polluting it, leading to destruction of other species and global warming! We have not even spared the rivers and oceans with our activities. Since decades scientists and astrologists are searching for another planet like Earth in this infinite universe and they have had no success till now … which speaks of how precious and special is this beautiful planet…of which we are not worthy of!

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