G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge 

Once upon time I taught you how to walk.

Played and walked with you with the changing time.

But today when I need you as my friend.

You are teaching me how to live life.

Listening to your preachings of how I should adjust with the changing environment.

As I am old and outdated.

Generation gap is just the matter of perception.

Walking together and understanding each other thoughts makes relationships beautiful.

Remember every generation have something to teach.

It’s just upto us how we in take and bridge the gap of thoughts to reduce the friction.

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A to Z Challenge

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34 thoughts on “G for Generation Gap – A to Z challenge 

  1. Indeed, everything comes down to understanding. It is what moulds relations to the best possible shape if given attention to. – Cezane

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  2. I so agree totally with every word of yours, Tanvir. Today this is lacking in our world when we want them to walk with us, understand us there is only shouting and angry words. Relationships are made on understanding and love. Such beautiful words loved them.

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