Daily challenge

E for Emotions

When I am annoyed, little laugh gives me energy.

Looking forward for some funny jokes that can calm me when I am upset.

I feel secure when I see my loved ones around me.

These emotions play a complicated role in our lives.

One moment I am happy and the next moment something makes me sad.

I am excited because I meeting my best friend after 2 years.

Next moment I hear someone is unwell at home so now I am worried.

Ah these emotions come and go.

Makes me nervous when something new happens in my life.

My mind is itching as the mixture of emotions are occupying into my brain.

As I move forward in to the world of surprises

Waiting to see what the future unfolds for me

See how these mix emotions drag me again into these funny situations.


 A to Z Challenge.

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33 thoughts on “E for Emotions

  1. You’ve captured the changing nature of emotions really well. It’s fascinating when you think about it, just how varied they are, how they can change so quickly, how we’re capable of feeling so many things (sometimes all at once)! xx

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  2. Well written……beautiful.

    भावनाएं कहाँ नहीं
    आँखों से रिसते आंसूं,
    मुस्कुराते होठ,
    शोले बरसाती आँखें,
    चीखता दिल,
    तड़पती छाती,
    कैसे ?
    किसमें भावनाएं हैं और कहाँ नहीं,
    जहाँ भावनाएं नहीं
    शायद वहाँ मैं नहीं|

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  3. You have a gift, the manner of how you write and express something, a thought or an emotion, how you put all these words together.. wow, utterly splendid. Also, can I just say I really like your site tagline, ‘Beauty lies within yourself’.. I have to say, it is one my top two taglines my eyes have got a read on ever since I came around the blogosphere (along with mine :D) – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Being an emotional person i can feel your words here!! Getting swayed into various directions like a swing, tossed and turned like on waves and hit and deflated or swelled to be elated…they can really make us feel and go through various phases of life!!

    Liked by 1 person

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