Power of Silence!!!

Silence is a source of great strength.

Silence helps to create energy. It’s a powerful weapon that gives the people a chance to think and act accordingly. It helps to remove the frustration within oneself. Sometimes silence is more powerful reply to someone than words. As it says everything without even saying.

Silence is a great teacher :

  • Satisfaction : Silence teaches us to be happy in what one has. It makes one realise how to be content and find happiness even if you have nothing because you still might be in a better condition in comparison to many.
  • Appreciation : Silence teaches us to appreciate the value of others. As it gives the opportunity to explore and notice what others are doing for you and understand the  surroundings by just noticing what’s happening around you.
  • Concentration : Silence helps to let go the distractions. It helps to concentrate the energy on right direction without letting yourself carried away with the materialistic things.
  • Thoughts : Silence helps to shape up the thoughts and helps to open the vision of mind and think in broader manner. Helps us from drowning.  

Before starting any work give yourself a minute in silence as it helps you to be focused on what you have to do. Also it helps us to connect with God who act as a supporter and gives us strength like an elder who are always there to support and guide us , along with the  sense of satisfaction that the work done by us is  correct.

In today’s noisy world we have forgotten how peaceful silence is, if you have experienced it. Often at night after the hectic day when all are off to sleep, one could feel the calmness in the house. At beginning giving a little discomfort but when once adjusted to it, you will enjoy the time being with yourself. Giving you a moment where you can think about yourself and dreams. Giving energy to say about the unexpressed feelings and rejuvenating yourself for next day. For a person like me I like the space given to me when everything around me is quiet. Helping me to remove the fear of being alone with myself. Giving me a time to think which often cannot express in words with people.

Silence is a tool which deeply reflects yourself, your relationships with others and your life. Where life if been dominated by apps, tv, conversations, texting etc, do we have the time to experience the love with ourself and with our relationships? If you ask me, the answer will be yes. Only if you understand the power of silence. Silence illuminates new paths of life.

Silence gives us  time to understand the difference between right and wrong. It helps to make the mind strong and reduces the spaces between the relationships. It gives the time to be comfortable in our own skin and creates a balance in life.


47 thoughts on “Power of Silence!!!

  1. I know silence is the way to self-introspection, and that is in turn the way to peace and harmony in one’s life. But I wish I could differ, by thinking of silence in a different perspective, in a different light.
    It’s just, I realise the importance of silence, giving time to your thoughts to sort themselves out. But lately, silence is not what I crave for. Because it’s turned a little haunting. Especially when you’re in a crowd buzzing with every sound possible, yet what you hear is silence, and nothing else.
    This just turned dark, lol. I really appreciate this post, thank you for writing it. πŸ™‚

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  2. Maun men bahut taakat hai……..kisi bhi tathya ko sunkar maun rahne matra se ……kayee prashnon ka hal nikal jaaata hai………

    kabhi kabhi maun rahne se ……..murkh vyakti ki pahchaan bhi chhup jaati hai…………
    aur maun rahne se insaan un sabhi samasyaawon kaa samaadhaan apne aap kar leta…..khubsurat lekh.

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  3. It sure creates a balance in our lives and that is the very essence of Silence and the encouraging and inspiring words that you have written, Tanvir. Silence is all pervading and it is so nice to sit in utter silence and reflect on ourselves.

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  4. Silence really is powerful. I think solitude and quiet can help calm our minds, help us to focus, to dig a little deeper and understand ourselves, find composure and grounding. There’s so much noise all around us constantly, not to mention the thoughts swirling in our heads, too. Great post! πŸ™‚

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