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Can Justice be delayed?

For those who doesn’t have enough resources.

And unfortunately the sufferer is an innocent person lacking power and money.

One day the pillars of constitution (legislative, executive, Judiciary and press) talked about, who makes the best strong hold among the citizens of the country.

The result was, they were all sold in the name of so-called democracy which is suppressed under the name of poverty and crime.

When citizens rebelled and demanded for equality in the name of law.

The blind folded lady asked for proof.

And the innocent soul suffered in the name of justice.

A girl was raped and an innocent brother was killed.

There was sufficient amount of evidence to proof the person guilty.

But the justice was dominated by power.

The fourth pillar press came forward and used their power in the right direction.

Finally, provided justice to the right person.

Justice delayed is better than justice not given.

Forcing me to mock on the quote.

Who will return the precious years of life lost by the family.

Was it something too big that they demanded.

All they wanted was justice.

Here I rest my case with heavy heart.

39 thoughts on “Justice 

  1. Seeking Justice is never ending game! That’s what a victim demands and so does culprit! Who will decide what’s right and what’s wrong? I am right /cos my view is different. You are right /cos your view is different too! but together we are face to face and who wants to be wrong? Certainly from our physical level, reference point, one has to give way!! What vision is required to look beyond? I Wonder… that’s surely not Justice alone!

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  2. Justice delayed is justice denied. In our country civil cases go on for years. Criminal cases, because of delay, witness turn hostile. We have a long way to go.

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  3. ‘Here I rest my case with heavy heart.’ This powerful and meaningful summarised the whole post of yours Tanvir. The four pillars of justice but she too cannot do anything with the powers rested with the Politicians who manipulate each and every system. Loved the authenticity of your words.

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  4. Justice can be a very difficult thing to achieve, and all too often the scales seem to fail the victim. You’ve written this incredibly well, it’s interesting and powerful and thought-provoking! 🙂
    Caz x

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  5. This is really really sad. Justice is often so hard and seemingly impossible to find. Many never do. This poem tugs at my heartstrings. It is a really good poem

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  6. We have come a long way but we still have to go a long way.People with high status prove that India has developed but if we see the suffering of the people with low status we can still never feel India has developed coz they are still suffering 😕

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  7. So true and powerful! Our judiciary is hopeless and pathetic and ‘slow’ is not the right word to even give indication of its speed!! By the time hearing comes to the court (sometimes after 10 years), the eye witnesses have been bribed or disposed off, evidence tampered with and truth completely changed!! From filing the fir till the delivery of verdict, it’s mental agony for the innocent and victims!!

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