Daily challenge · Poem


We all have numerous desires, worth dying for.

Few are fulfilled and few remains only a dream.

While I was busy making efforts to fulfill my desires,

I forgot to realise love has no desire, but only to meld within your own needs.

If love is true, it flows in the river of your mood swings.

Your unhappiness makes the love sad, and rejoices in your happiness.

Love prayers for you to return home safely with gratitude.

Making a thankful note of prayer as each day passes.

Making me realise it’s never to late  to understand the difference between love vs desire vs want.

P.S : I am not Good in expressing myself in poems. Those who are perfect in poems kindly excuse the errors and correct me for the improvement.

34 thoughts on “Desire!!

  1. Bahut hi khubsurat likha hai…..jab dil se likhaa jaataa hai to ek ek shabd dil tak pahuchta hai….phir usmen khamiyan kaisi………prem ki koyee eksha nahi hoti…….sirf ek eksha hoti hai…..jo bhi hai mere paas le jaawo jisse tumhari bhala ho.

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  2. no need to apologize for expressing your feelings in any manner you feel you can express them. buddhist teachings state desire causes suffering.
    dont worry so much about what others may feel about your writing style, the important part is to write.. release the desire.

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