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Families are formed with Hard Work

Thoughts of family members:

Husband : I see a tired wife with unwashed hair.

Wife : I see my constantly nervous husband who’s indifferent to me.

Husband : I see my disobedient, capricious son.

Son : I always see my mother dissatisfied and I always see my father silent. To be really honest I hardly see my father.

Wife : I see my husband to whom his job is more important than family.

Husband : I see my wife who doesn’t let me relax after a hard day’s work.

We see what we want to see.

In reality :

Wife fails to notice that her husband works a lot so as to earn money for  his family.

Husband fails to notice his wife you spends all day preparing food, cleaning  the house, doing shopping so that it feels comfortable and warm at house.

Parents fail to notice that their child is missing the absence and attention of his father and mother’s love.

It’s very important to make balance in life. All are making best efforts to give the best to the family but if it’s not valued and felt from heart what each is doing there is no point of dragging yourself in the name of work for the sake of family.

Families are formed with hard work. You need to spend time and communicate your problems and happiness to make things easy for everyone. To increase the understanding among relationships. Understand  others and express what you  feel for them. Don’t live just for the sake of living.

Unite yourself and stay happy because it’s difficult to form a family filled with love, care and emotions. If your hard work and lack of communication is creating a gap in relationships than there is no point of working hard in the name of family.


68 thoughts on “Families are formed with Hard Work

  1. Well done. Often in our relationships and especially family ones, we miss or take granted those around us often because they are always there for us and always have been. It’s that taking for granted that puts us at the top of a rocky and often slippery slope – the deception of permanence. Never take for granted those near and dearest to us.

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  2. My dear friend

    Yes, we should learn to have respect to each other and when respect is growing in our heart also our consciousness is growing as well, because we learn mutual understanding, we learn not compare, we learn not to see the faults in others, but develop a view towards ourselves to avoid violence of every kind (starting in our head)

    Thank you very much for having shared this beautiful post, my dear friend πŸ™‚
    From heart to heart

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      1. My dear Tanvir,

        The credit goes to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh – without Him I am nothing. As He is my light moving “me” like a shadow projecting me to the wall as shadow games. I am not even existing, because I play only one role, the role of the One…

        Big hugs my dear friend

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  3. Dear Tanvir that it may not be misunderstood: But when we are empty He can take a seat in us and this cannot be the case as long our I and ego is there. So with the help and grace of God we have to empty us from ourselves (from our ego and mind, from our I), then we longer are the Doers but He. In the end the drop merges with the Ocean… As also Christ has done: “I and my Father are one”.

    If anything is unclear, please ask.
    Thank you my dear friend

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  4. Truth!

    It is important to acknowledge every member of the home because it’s not always easy where we (I) have neglected people when too busy with my own routine.

    I always support open communication and honesty because I would be mortified if the first part was what my family was really feeling.

    It’s not easy always but if they don’t speak (myself included) how can I always know.

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  5. Thanks for posting. Wise perspective on raising a family. I wholeheartedly agree with you, although I must admit, as a child who suffered from absent parents, and a parent who strives to do better for my kids, it’s not an easy thing to do.

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  6. Kya khub likhaa hai….apke jiwan kaa udeshya pariwar hai…..sukh suvidhaa kaa aadhaar priwar hai….agar hamari mahatwakanksha pariwar se dur karti hai phir kisi prakar ke mihnat ka koyee auchitya nahin
    Pariwar hai to sabkuch hai
    sabkuch hai aur pariwar nahi to
    kuchh bhi nahin.

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  7. Getting real is hard, Tanvir, when all we see is about us. Interesting perspectives and gets to the heart of it. Love your observations and thoughts on family and, you’re right, it takes work. Be fun if there was a way to continue these thoughts with conversations with everyone. Maybe one day. Thank you for sharing. Enjoyed the read.

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