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Welcoming New year!!

Beginning of the New year is not only for the celebration and welcoming of the upcoming year with a party but it’s also a welcome of new hopes and aspirations.

It’s a beginning of a new chapter with clean slate, which needs to be filled with our lovely actions and thoughts. Giving another chance to start life all over again by forgetting bad events of the past.

Past cannot be changed but the present and future can be changed by our actions and making a difference by every step taken by us.

It’s the time to celebrate and wish for a peaceful life which is free from crime and any negative thoughts. Wish this New Year gives life full of possibilities and giving strength to fight with all the odd circumstances that come on our way.

Wish no one sleeps  hungry and homeless in the upcoming Year. All have a safe place to live with  sufficient amenities of life.

Let’s make our life’s better by less snap chats, FaceTime, WhatsApp and let’s call and meet more.

Welcome the New year with open hand and spread love and peace to the world 

39 thoughts on “Welcoming New year!!

  1. Very well, said. Each Jan 1 gives us the chance to start fresh. I’m finding and reading much lately about the need to unplug more; to take time away from FB and such in order to re-charge ourselves, but to connect with others on a more meaning basis. Face to face or at least chatting on the phone.

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  2. I came back to reread this one. I hope your New Year is as beautiful to you as you are to your readers with these wise blog posts. May 2019 be one that transforms the world for the better ❤


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