White Elephant Challenge

I thank Rory for nominating me for this unique challenge and I personally found this challenge very Interesting. Teresa of Haunted Wordsmith created a beautiful gem for us. The purpose of the game is to gift the fellow bloggers with a beautiful gift. Participation not being obliged, but if you wish to participate pick three bloggers and give them gifts.
Sharing and receiving gifts is a fun. I feel you are able to express the feelings about what you feel about the other bloggers and can make this a fun game.

I thank Rory for gifting me the gift of traquility for peace and harmony.


As for now I am gifting Wisdom to Kamal of Boundless Blessings Blog because she is a person filled with love and wisdom who never fails to share the beautiful morals behind every story. She will always inspire you for the beautiful path.

A thank you note to Subbashini of Exploring the World around us as she is a jewel of a person who is honest, caring  and full of gratitude towards life and people. Love the way she looks towards the world.

A beautiful heart to Bella of ThoughtnLifeBlog because the most beautiful gift one can give to the world is your heart. You never fail to do so with your inspiring work.


22 thoughts on “White Elephant Challenge

  1. So breathtaking and beautiful, marvelous perfect words for each of us my dear friend, Tanvir. A little misunderstanding with me though pl do not feel bad as many many bloggers think me to be a man but I am a zoroastrian by birth and this name is given to ladies I know in your hindu community, Kamal is a man’s name. Again pl do not worry and feel bad and I loved your challenge so much. Thanks a trillion.

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