A profession with high responsibility who lays the foundation for every upcoming generation. Teachers not only teach but they also help in building a unique character in every child. A teacher’s role is to be creative in making things understand and impactful for the youngsters.

With the time a lot have changed in teaching techniques and also in the role of the teachers. Though the methods have changed but one thing in my eyes have not changed it the respect for teacher and their importance in the life of children.

For me my teachers take me back to the time , when I started going to school.

I remember my days from kindergarten where I learnt the numbers, alphabets, poems, played interactive games etc.

Sweet poems learnt which bought smile on everyone faces because of the way we pronounced and enacted.

As I grew I understood the importance of a teacher in my life.

Efforts given to build my confidence, guided me and always stood close by my side like a true friend.

I remember the punishments we used to get for not doing the homework and fear when teacher said, “Today you guys have a surprise test.”

Teachers are the keys who unlock the minds of the children and with their preachings they mould the youngsters into a beautiful personality.

After parents you taught us how to trust and see the world through different perceptions.

You are a doctor who heals a child when they are morally low. You heal the ignorance with the knowledge and reasoning.

Down in the memory lane, for me the teachers are the best relationship one can share, who explain the purpose of life.

Teachers dream with the eyes of their students. Their promotion is by watching their students growing.

I may forget what I read in books but will not forget what my teacher said. This is how impactful a teacher can be.

Teachers are like gardener’s who sow the seeds of imagination in the eyes of a child, who in future can reap into beautiful careers.

Of all the jobs in the world after parents, one of the hardest job is being a good teacher.

Teaching is a noble profession that shapes the caliber, character and future of an individual.

Tribute to all the teachers whom I thank from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. What a beautiful post! I love the line that teachers dream with the eyes of the students. As a teacher, i feel so, so, so happy and proud when our students do well – in class and outside. It is really an awesome bonus of our profession! On behalf of all teachers – Thank YOU. 🙂

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  2. Well said dear, teaching is an important profession in society but it is respected less than its importance. I was a teacher for a short time I still remember the love of those children guess they would have forgotten me I heard from another friend that they missed me at that time and that’s the greatest reward. I still feel happy I did something useful in my life to those children. I have to say you are my good teacher truly learned and wondered many times about you.

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  3. Teachers are no longer like the teachers l had when at school – they were hard pressed then, but they are even harder pressed now. I do agree that a good teacher makes the biggest difference when learning, and when younger l had some wonderful teachers – truly.

    I read an article recently that showed much lower figures in the UK for those looking to be recruited into this profession, but this profession is now governed by more than just mere governers, but by politicians who wish to see more children being taught academics than creativity skills.

    I don’t envy a teachers job, they do have to have a lot of patience, and the joys they may have had for imparting their years of education onto/into another are apparently fast becoming slimmer here.

    Excellent post Tanvir,

    By the way l have tagged you for 321 quote Me with a rather appropriately named tag – Knowledge 🙂

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      1. You are as always very welcome Tanvir, great to have you back 🙂

        It’s a shame because now more than ever we need teachers who care, but many are underpaid, overworked and stressed to the high heavens, that is as sad an impact to them, as it is to their charges.

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  4. What a lovely tribute to all of us, teachers! Thank you so much for raising consciousness about our hard role and task at a time when teachers are too often discredited. I could not agree more with all you have said. This is also the main goal in my job:

    “A teacher’s role is to be creative in making things understand and impactful for the youngsters.”

    Some of your lines are sheer prose-poetry. Love this:

    “Teachers are the keys who unlock the minds of the children and with their preachings they mould the youngsters into a beautiful personality.”

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    1. Thank you so much for the regards. It was a little tribute I could give for the most important profession who plays such vital role in our lives after parents. I worked as teacher for 2.5 years and that was the most precious moments i lived and job enjoyed by me, as i was not working as a profession but something i met to do from within me.

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  5. ‘Teaching is a noble profession that shapes the caliber, character and future of an individual.’ This sums up your inspiring and encouraging post, Tanvir and I so agree totally with the learnings that teachers have given to us and made us who we are today in our lives. Hats and Salute to them. Even my daughter is a Child Counsellor and teaches in Aditya Birla IB School in Mumbai. Thanks for the awesome share.

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  6. Very wise… the truth is we have learnt everything we know and are…we are just as responsible as the teachers…🙏
    And definitely indebted to the those who care to share and teach🙏♥️🙏

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  7. There is so much to say here, and yet, I do not want to wax intellectual but talk from understanding. Having grown up in our country’s schools, working many jobs between college stints before ever instructing any class of wonderful children and teens, I was fortunate to learn through texts, then learn by doing as well as trial and error (i.e. training a 3 year-old horse with no formal training myself), then learning through texts, but this last time accompanied by hands-on experiences. This last, which included summer camps and coaching, completely changed the way I looked at education. So, when I entered the classroom, my perspective was very different from my colleagues. I was even told I was listening to the beat of a different drummer. I thought this a compliment.
    As I see it, with the given curriculum throughout our history as well as the needs as I understand, I saw the importance of a strong mathematical and writing/reading foundation. If, as I saw it, the students knew how to add/subtract/multiply/and divide with proficiency, learning how to solve real-life problems, then along with the rest of their math, they would have the tools necessary to higher mathematics and the opportunities it affords. The same could be said of strong reading and writing skills (i.e. comprehension, paragraphing, story writing, essays, and so forth).
    With science and history, which I added additional information to fill the gaps, I always hoped for the curiosity of the kids. What do you want to do when you grow up, or what would you like to try now? What are you curious to learn? And so forth.
    What is called an education crisis, seems to me, a result of too many cooks in the kitchen with answers that address current concerns, but I often wonder whose concerns and to what end will the means justify the ends. As a young man, at some point, I was more interested in what I understood and what others who truly understood could share.
    The task has been difficult, but rewarding many of the times. If, as a teacher, coach, and summer camp instructor, I could get the youth to figure things out for themselves, helping them to realize, as I did, that often the answers are inside themselves, then I would be succeeding in working myself out of a career. “What?” a student once commented. As a good doctor tries to work themselves out of a job or career, meaning the help they give created patients who better know how to lead their lives (i.e. better eating, following good advice, and perhaps some research), I am attempting to lead students to themselves, also working with their friends and classmates, so that with time, they look less and less to me because they’ve discovered their own understanding. Yes, they will, from time to time, need to ask me questions, and so that ensures my necessity, but the less I do, the more they do, and there will always be a new batch of children and teens in need of good instructors.
    That is my goal. And if a child can articulate their viewpoints, say in essay writing, then support their views through other writers or their own experiences and writing, then I’ve done my job. At times, I have seen this in the classroom, and this is always a heartwarming experience.
    Because of the different experiences, I have had the opportunity to teach in schools that are more data driven and those in which the teachers are given more of the reins. I can say, also talking with other instructors, that when children are taught well, encouraged to think for themselves along with the responsibility that entails, and given multiple experiences to show what they learned as well as what they’ve been learning on their own, in their own time, these kids can pass any test. In fact, often times, this leads to higher scores. It all depends on two factors: 1) the kids and their parents, and 2) the understanding of the teacher. And if a school has a variety of teachers with differing, but good, skillsets, then the youth will learn a variety and be better prepared for their own lives, seeing the different approaches.
    There’s so much more to say on this topic. But barring the desire to wax intellectual, but simply talk or write to people’s understanding, simply sharing what so many of us understand is the goal here.

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    1. I am speechless to what you said.. so true the topic have so much to say. Your experience have given me a whole beautiful prospect to see and understand and so well expressed by you. Thank you would be less to express my gratitude towards you but yet hat’s of for the expression shared by you.

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  8. Thank you so much for your thoughts. Outside the classroom, I am not the most vocal person. Though I get to, once in awhile, share my experiences, which comes also at the benefit of knowing other teachers (I learned from their perspectives as well.), fellow workers, friends, and associates, I haven’t figured how to speak in front of large audiences, which I think is the place of greater communication. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is, when sometimes sitting down with someone and seeing their eyes open up with understanding and they see the simplicity in that. Thank you, again. May you share your understanding with others, making this world a better place, one conversation at a time.

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